**Cancelled** Belgium Masterclasses

March 27 2020 until March 29 2020
From 00:00 - 00:00 each day.



Transform your experience and deepen your understanding of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

Master John Ding and Master Alan Ding are both traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage through Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak, 5th Generation, who is the First Disciple of the late Great Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung, 4th Generation of the Yang Family and world’s foremost leading authority on his family’s Tai Chi Chuan.


Both Masters have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of the Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and able to demonstrate the higher aspects of the Art. 


A rare opportunity to study and train with both Masters, who are “open” in their teaching and believe the key to learning is to experience Traditional Tai Chi Chuan for what it really is.


You will have an opportunity to Gau Sau – exchange hands – with the master and his students.



A chance not to be missed by any styles of Tai Chi practitioners for all levels – Beginners to Advanced, seeking to further their understanding and improve their standards of Tai Chi Chuan. 


This course is also applicable to any other external martial arts practitioners who are interested developing the internal Kung Fu.


These special masterclasses will be held over three days, Friday to Sunday. At the end of each workshop, you will gain a better understanding and clearer insight of different aspects of traditional Tai Chi Chuan.


Applied Tai Chi Chuan

Learn and applied the three pillars of Tai Chi Chuan:

- Concentrating Energy

- Circulating Energy

- Applied Energy


Each Master Class workshop will involve Tai Chi principles, postures, 

applications and hands-on tuition with plenty of opportunity for questions.


You will not only learn about traditional Tai Chi Chuan but will also learn how to apply and integrate the concepts and principles of Chi Kung and the traditional form so these become “alive”, dynamic and most important, functional.
This is key to improving and achieving a high level of proficiency in Tai Chi Chuan.


There will be hands-on tuition and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. This workshop will transform your Tai Chi practice – you will learn how to better cultivate internal energy and apply it – and is suitable for practitioners of all levels and styles, including external martial artists interested in the internal styles.


Centre Interinstitutionnel Europeen,

Dennenboslaan 54,  3090  Overijse,

Brussels, Belgium



Friday 10:00 - 16:00 (including1 hours lunch break)

Special Masterclass for MDA instructors and Advanced Students. It is also opened to experienced Tai Chi practitioners of other styles

Gain deeper understanding with practical training method to improve your Tai Chi Chuan skills. An opportunity not to be missed for those who wants to  take their Tai Chi Chuan to higher level.


Saturday 10:00-12:30 and 13.30 – 16:00

Tai Chi Chuan Principles and Concepts

All Tai Chi movements, whatever the style, are based on the principles and concepts – otherwise they are empty choreography. Only by understanding and incorporating the principles and concepts into daily practice will you be able to harness Chi and use it for health, healing or self-defence.


Sunday 9:30 – 12:00

Push Hands

Push Hands is a form of exercise practised in pairs to increase sensitivity, – crucial in dealing with an attack. It enables you to develop
Teng Jing (knowing how to interpret energy) and then allows you to divert force with Fa Jing (projecting energy) or
dissipate it with Far Jing (neutralising energy). There is a Chinese saying:


"Knowing oneself and also one’s opponent will make 

one hundred times victorious in a hundred battles”.


Sunday 13:00 -15:30

Tai Chi Self-Defence Applications

Tai Chi Chuan is widely regarded only as a gentle health exercise. This is a mistaken view as each Tai Chi posture has a logical practical self-defence application. If a posture cannot be used, the move is clearly incorrect. At a high level, Tai Chi Chuan movements simultaneously achieve the paradox or effortlessness and tremendous power. The subtlety of such skill cannot be adequately described – only felt.


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