MDA Intensive Academy Training (Brussels)

November 24 2017 until November 25 2017
From 00:00 - 00:00 each day.

Brussels1050, Porte de Namur, Place du Champ de Mars 4


MDA European Hub Brussels
Intensive Academy Training
Starting in July !

As the classics states : ‘Slow work produces detail and quality goods.’
“ If one practices according to the principles and concepts of  Tai Chi Chuan and is able to reap the benefits, then it is true Tai Chi Chuan. “
Master Alan Ding will ensure that you practice true Tai Chi Chuan indeed. Expect slow work, in depth and detail, in a friendly environment. The course will undoubtedly accelerate your progress and understanding of traditional Tai Chi Chuan.
This intensive course will also focus in helping you develop and improve your skills further in traditional Tai Chi Chuan by looking deeper at the three aspects of traditional Tai Chi Chuan – centralising / circulating and Applied Chi.
Some of the time will also be spend on learning or refining the broadsword form with more Gau Sau / applications practice.
The course is open to all MDA instructors and committed experienced Tai Chi practitioners who have completed the Long Form. You are advised to book early to get the discounted rate. 
On application. – APPLY ! here –
This series of special courses are held once every 4 weeks on the following dates:
Friday, 18:00 – 21:30 and Saturday, 10:00 – 16:30
July  : 28th – 29th
September  : 1st – 2nd / 29th – 30th
October  : 27th – 28th
November : 24th – 25th
The other Fridays will be facilitated by Béa or Dominique.


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MDA European Hub Brussels
t: +32 485 209 877