Tai Chi & Alternative Health Issue 79

Issue 79 of  the Tai Chi and Alternative Health digital magazine has been out since late March. The magazine offers useful information on all matters Tai Chi ! The magazine is in electronic format and can be subscribed to by going to the following address:
For members of the Master Ding Academy, do not forget you can get the digital magazine for free copy. Contact your instructor for more information.

Editorial 79
Spring is in the air. As the days are at long last getting longer, we are more and more able to practice Tai Chi Chuan beyond the confine of our four walls. But in training, frequently people forget to introduce partner training in their Tai Chi Chuan practice often preferring to practice on their own. If you continue to train this way, you will never be able to obtain high-level skill in Tai Chi Chuan.
Partner practice is essential and should always form an integral and regular part of your Tai Chi Chuan practice. Training with a partner will help you to further integrate the Tai Chi Chuan principles outside of form practice. This in turn will allow you to relinquish the need to resort to use of physical muscular strength and instead allow growth of something much more fundamental in Tai Chi Chuan; the ability to nurture the mind and body to work together harmoniously, and thus effectively develop your skill in channeling Chi energy efficiently.
Try practicing with as many people as possible from complete beginners to advanced practitioners to help your refine your skills. Only by practicing in this way, through time, will your movements become natural and you be able to cultivate the ability to tap into Tai Chi’s hidden potent intrinsic strength.
In this issue, Nick Cheang’s article, “Project Relax”, he explores what the term “relax” means from the Tai Chi perspective. Hopefully by the end of the article, relax will not be the word you currently know, but an expanded and fleshed out concept that will help you engage with your practice at a deeper level. An in-depth article, “Push Hands and Fighting Techniques” by Wang Feng Ming is an extract from his book, “The Essence of Taijiquan Push Hands and Fighting Technique”. It provides detailed information of the main points of Push Hands and fighting technique, which are applicable to all styles of Tai Chi Chuan. In addition, I have also started a new section on Traditional Tai Chi Chuan Training Tips to help you improve your Tai Chi training. In my first article, I focus on the importance of Yi (intention of the mind) and spiral.
Until then, Happy Chi to all!

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