Tai Chi & Alternative Health Issue 81

Issue 81 of  the Tai Chi and Alternative Health digital magazine has been out a few weeks ago. The magazine offers useful information on all matters Tai Chi ! The magazine is in electronic format and can be subscribed to by going to the following address:
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Editorial 81
In today’s Tai Chi Chuan training, a growing number of practitioners only practice the more physical aspects of the art, Kuen (拳) and neglect the equally important internal aspects of training, Kung (功). To truly achieve excellence in this ancient internal martial art system both these aspectsmust always be practiced together. “Kung” training focuses on helping you to develop and harness your Chi power, which can then be used for health, self-healing or self-defense. Without this aspect, practice is hollow and empty.

To help you pursue improvement of your Tai Chi Chuan training, we have a number of articles in this issue focusing on “Kung”. These articles will hopefully enlighten and stimulate as well as show you a path that is well-trodden by other seasoned practitioners.

Nick Cheang’s article, “ Why does our Tai Chi drift?” looks at how and why our Tai Chi Chuan practice can change through time so you can get an insight and understanding of the change. Master Alan Ding’s article on the Kou Jue (or verbal transmission) ‘To practice Kuen but not Kung, until old a field of emptiness’ helps us understand the need for both Kuen and Kung in our training as well as give you direction and stimulate reflection upon improvements in practice. We also have an abstract from Serge Augier’s book, “ Shen Gong and Nei Dan in Da Xuan” which focuses on the fundamental principles of Sheng Gong (Training of the Mind). There is also an article on the rare Yang family Tai Chi Chuan called Cheung Kuen (also known as the Fast Form). As a frame of reference, we have also included the eight postures of the John Ding Yeung San Hey Kung I.
In the Traditional Tai Chi Chuan Training Tips article, we take a look at an important aspect of your Tai Chi Chuan training – Rooting and how to cultivate a strong root. We also have feedback from one of my recent Master class Workshop in Geneva. Lastly we report on a recent national Tai Chi Chuan event held in Ireland organised by the first lady of Ireland, Sabina Higgins at the Irish presidential residence, Áras an Uachtaráin. Tai Chi Instructors and students from the republic’s 32 counties, along with the Irish president, Michael D Higgins attended the event to promote Tai Chi in Ireland.

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