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Editorial 76
When you watch an experienced practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan, the effortless flowing movements are most mesmerising and captivating. Time and space seamlessly merge as one. A form of moving meditation - it appears simple. However all levels of practitioner soon realise that it is one of the most difficult art to comprehend and master. It is like peeling an onion with never-ending layers. Boundless information to assimilate and make work at each level. It takes time and lots of practice - The Dao (way) of Tai Chi Chuan.
True martial applications of Tai Chi Chuan are seamless and effortless. It's natural. Tai Chi Chuan is a complex system based on principles and concepts. You will not be able to improve your standard if you do not have the key to deeper understanding and correct practice. You should really ask yourself what you want from Tai Chi Chuan. If you want more, you must seek out teachers who not only have the skills and knowledge but are also able to demonstrate the higher aspects of the art. Only these teachers can help you to improve your standard. You should always be true to the "ART" and not become stuck by being "loyal" to your teacher. You should respect your teacher for showing you the way and they will be happy to see you move on in your Tai Chi Chuan. Do not forget that in China, Tai Chi Chuan was first and foremost a potent martial art, hence its name, "The Supreme Ultimate Fist".
In this issue, once again we bring together articles to broaden your understanding of Tai Chi Chuan and also include useful training tips to improve your training. We continue with our regular informative article on Posture Testing - Tan Bian (Single Whip) showing you how to practice, test and apply this posture. Nick Cheang takes a look at the relevance of Tai Chi Chuan in bringing the negative emotion of violence under control. We have an article from Josiane Haegeman, a medical doctor, giving her perspective on the benefit of Tai Chi for vestibular disorders through mind relaxation. There is also an extract from Zhou Qingjie's book, offering another popular form of Qi Gong practised in China called Baduanjin. This qigong originated in the Song Dynasty, China more than 800 years ago. It is mainly used for training the body with a focus on the harmony between limb and body movements and breathing. We would also like to welcome Karsten Scholtyssik with his article "Resistance is futile", which shows how new scientific ideas and terms are actually observed and applied in Tai Chi Chuan. Lastly but not least, we have some more practitioners sharing their stories of how they got into Tai Chi and their experiences along the way.
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