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Master Ding Academy (MDA) offers authentic, traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan classes.

Beginners and experienced practitioners are all welcome at any of our clubs. To take part, no particular level of fitness is required.

We believe in developing a friendly, supportive learning environment in our classes and provide various social events and local workshops throughout the year. 

We also welcome opportunities to work with community or corporate groups on an ad-hoc or long-term basis.

All instructors listed on this website are certified to teach by the Master Ding Academy and must renew their registration annually. In addition, they are required, in a programme of continuous development, to improve their skills and understanding of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan through regular training with Master Ding.

Sally Thomson is currently the only instructor of the MDA in Scotland. 

The class has been running since 2011.

Contact Number: 01382 520311



Sea Cadets Hall,
East Abbey St,
19:15 - 20:30 Beginners & Intermediates Sally Thomson




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Sally Thomson

I have been practicing the art of Tai Chi for around 15 years.  Nine years of those I have been a student with MDA.  I  attend classes in Harlepool with Mike Watson and Master John Ding on occasions.  I also attend instructors' courses and other weekend workshops with Master John Ding.


I first became interested in Tai Chi because I was diagnosed with asthma and wanted some control over the symptoms.  I did not realise that it was going to take me on a wonderful journey, where I would meet lots of new people and make some great friendships.  The social side of Tai Chi is like being part of one big family.


Since taking up Tai Chi, I have become healthier, physically fitter and a more confident person.  As a result of practicing Tai Chi I am a calmer person and my asthma is under control these days.


ph: 01382 520311