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We believe that Tai Chi is for everyone regardless of age or physical fitness, to paraphrase Master Ding, Tai Chi is unlimited for mind, body and spirit.


Our club is friendly, relaxed and welcoming. Club members are interested in different aspects of Tai Chi and have different motivations and ambitions: some are interested in the health benefits, some in the moving meditation, others do Tai Chi to help with rehab of an injury or they may be interested in the martial applications of the form. Everyone’s Tai Chi journey is different but we can all work together to help each other on their way.

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Master Ding Academy Central Kildare

Contact Number: 087 215 7231



Co. Kildare
19:00 - 21:00 All levels - Beginners to Advanced Brian Bergin




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Brian Bergin

Brian Bergin’s first experience of Tai Chi Chuan was learning Cheng Man Ching style in the mid nineties. And although intrigued by Tai Chi it wasn’t until he started learning Master Ding’s Yang style in 2008 that he truly began to appreciate the art and to benefit from it.


He completed his instructor training, and took over as instructor in Master Ding Academy North Kildare in 2013. Brian continues to study Tai Chi with one of Master Ding’s Instructors, Ross Cousens, and regularly attends retreats and seminars with Master Ding.


ph: 087 215 7231