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Welcome to the web site of the Norfolk branch of the Master Ding Academy (MDA).

Here in Norfolk we pride ourselves on an open friendly approach to the Art of Tai chi and have six tutors all offering classes.

For those of you with a little more experience, and as you progress,  the opportunity arises to attend the Thursday Class for intermediate students and advanced students under the direction of Cos Stephanides further to travel to London and be introduced and spend time with Sifu John Ding.

The level of instruction here in Norfolk is top class with constant reference back to our Sifu and a compassionate and clear approach to the teachings and students. 

MDA Norfolk provides authentic Yang style Tai Chi Chuan classes in Wymondham.



Wymondham High School, Folly Road,
Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0QT

19:00 - 21:00 Suitable for students of all levels


Wymondham Well-being centre,
Unit 4, Philip Ford Way,
Norfolk, NR18 9AQ
20:00 - 21:00 Suitable for students of all levels




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Costakis Stephanides

I have been practising Tai Chi Chuan for twenty nine years. Presently I am a student of John Ding and a registered instructor with the Master Ding Academy. Master John Ding can trace a direct lineage back to Master Yang Sau Chang, he is the first disciple of Master Ip Tai Tak and is recognised as a 6th generation lineage master of Yang style Tai Chi. My previous teachers included pupils and instructors who traced a lineage back to Cheng Man Ching one of the first Orientals to teach in the west. I have also spent time in the Far East with The Henan Shaolin wushu monks under the direction of Master Ma Nian, and at the London Shaolin temple under the direction of Shi Yan Qing.

At present I am studying with Jamyang Buddhist center in London FBT course and Lamrim Chenmo teachings and continued instruction from Master Ding recently completing the sword form and sabre form instructors course. I began teaching after eleven years of practice, with the permission of my teacher.

Presently and in the past I have taught  classes at Center Parcs, for Norwich and Norfolk Dance, Norwich Hospital trust, and Norfolk County Council Education department and social services department, the Vauxhall centre,  unit 81 and private tuition  classes. Corporate clients have included British Telecom, Norwich Union, Barclays Bank and the RAC.

Coming from a professional performance background, means I have well honed communication skills. I bring to my work a passion and an understanding that comes from the cultivation of humility and patience.


ph: 01603 460446 | 07775 691273