MDA West London

Typical  class
A typical class consists of a short chi kung (standing meditation), warm-up exercises to flex the joints, and Yang style tai chi forms.  Classes end with a short breathing meditation focusing to settle and store the energy developed in the process. 


Putney Tai Chi for Health Class
When: 11-12 pm every Tuesday

Where: Roehampton Methodist Church, Minstead Gardens, London  SW15 4EB

Chelsea Tai Chi/Chi Kung Class (チェルシー太極拳・気功教室)
When: 6 – 7:30 pm, every Tuesday(毎週水曜日午後6-7時30分)
Where: Samuel Lewis Trust Community Centre,
             Ixworth Place, London SW3 3QG
             (opposite My Hotel Chelsea)
Nearest station: South Kensington

1st trial session: £5 only, a course of 4 classes: £35 (advance payment required), drop-in: £10 per class. 

The Hogarth Health Club (ホガースヘルスクラブ)in Chiswick W4
When: 12-1:30pm, every Thursday (毎週木曜日午後12-1時30分)クラブ会員制
Health Club Members Only. 
Please enquire the Club directly


Balham Tai Chi/Chi Kung Class for People with Sight Loss and Disability
When: 3-4 pm & 4-5 pm, every Thursday
Where: Pocklington Resource Centre,
             1C Yukon Road, Balham  SW12 9PZ
Nearest station:  Clapham South

Private lessons (Home Visit) 
One to one private Tai Chi/Chi Kung lessons (home visit) 
in Chelsea, Fulham and Belgravia 
as well as corporate training (office visit)
also available upon request.
One to one 1-hour lesson: £40 per lesson.  

Tai chi shoes, books and CDs are available to purchase on request. 

How to book: Call Yuka on 07854 899 056 or email or
Yang-style tai chi/chi kung class (太極拳・気功教室)for more details.

Payment: All payment can be made upon booking or at each session.  Payment in cash or cheque only.  Cheques should be made payable to Miss Y. Sakuta


Contact Number: 07854 899 056



Pocklington Resource Centre,
1C Yukon Road,
Balham  SW12 9PZ
1500 - 1600 People with sight loss and disability Yuka Donovan
1600 - 1700 People with sight loss and disability Yuka Donovan


Roehampton Methodist Church
Minstead Gardens
 SW15 4EB

Click here for a map
11:00 - 12:00 Suitable for students of all levels Yuka Donovan


Samuel Lewis Trust Community Centre,
Ixworth Place,
London SW3 3QG
(opposite My Hotel Chelsea)

18:00 - 19:30 Suitable for all levels Yuka Donovan


The Hogarth Health Club
Airedale Avenue,
Chiswick, West London
W4 2NW
12:00 - 13:30 Suitable for students of all levels Yuka Donovan




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Yuka Donovan

MDA Certified Tai Chi Instructor and Accredited Healing Therapist

Yuka has been training in Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan at the Master Ding Academy in London (MDA) since 1998.  She is continuing her training with Sifu John Ding, the 6th generation Master of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan to deepen her understanding of the Art of Tai Chi.

She has experience in teaching Tai Chi to a wide range of students in a class environment as well as privately: beginner to intermediate, different age groups, Parkinson’s and Ménière’s Disease sufferers. Registered with Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO)/UK Healers, she has also been working as an energy healing therapist since 2001.

Believing that Tai Chi provides a tool not only for fitness but also for personal development and self-healing through re-alignment of mind-body-spirit and optimisation of energy flow, she feels passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with many people.   


ph: +44 7854 899 056