Integrating Tai Chi Chuan Into Your Life

Mind, Body And Spirit In Harmony

Tai Chi Chuan is ultimately an art that involves changes. Far from being just a series of isolated exercises, he overcomes barriers in our lives to influence all aspects. The examples in this section highlight three main areas in which Tai Chi Chuan can affect us. But art is a simply infinite diversity. It can influence you physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. If you practice Tai Chi Chuan correctly you will see the changes in your daily brew. 

However, do not stop with what I say. There are millions of people who practice Tai Chi Chuan for its multitude of benefits and effects. Many of my own students have seen the positive impact that art can bring. I leave this matter over to one of my students Sara: "My thoughts about Tai Chi in my life".

Tai Chi has had many and varied effects in my daily life. Some of these effects were obvious and immediate, as does feel happier, sleep better, be less stressed, health front, I am no longer asthmatic, nor do I suffer from the range of respiratory problems that I have suffered from periodically in my life. Emotionally, I am much happier - in my experience daily practice of Tai Chi eradicates depression, restores energy and helps one to see everything in a positive light. It has enabled me to establish healthy boundaries in all areas of my life and brought me greatly enhanced and loving relationships. In my experience, Tai Chi brings with it a gentle energy which comforts, sustains and informs our life experience.

I have used the principles of Tai Chi at work on many occasions to resolve conflict situations. I've found that by not meeting force with force, it is impossible for people to fight with you.  Staying centred and grounded prevents one becoming angry or upset by another person and enables one to view problems from many different perspectives. When the energy is sunk or grounded it is impossible to feel anxious about anything. Many people experience stress, anxiety and other negative emotions because their energy is being carried in the chest area or all their energy is in their head, which is cut off from the rest of the body in the person's bodymind. This is why Tai Chi is so good as a reliever of stress. It brings the person's energy back into their body and to their centre. I have experimented with many students looking at problems in their lives with their energies in different locations of the body. When students sink their energy to their centres the problem does not go away but somehow the problem changes, it appears less overwhelming, solutions seem to come to mind that could help the situation, they see it from a more objective point of view, sometimes it simply does not seem like a problem anymore.
Tai Chi is both sudden and subtle in it's effects. Everyone can benefit from the first lesson. For some people it will be as simple as going home after a class and getting the best night's sleep they've had in a long time, for others it is recovery from serious illness. Its deepest effects may not be realized for many years however. I am constantly amazed at the insights that come with regular practice of Tai Chi. The greater appreciation of the flow of life, understanding of energy and how to go with the flow rather than trying to battle against it has saved me so much wasted time and energy.
Tai Chi has sustained me through so many difficult and trying times, it has enabled me to deal calmly with difficult people and situations and it has helped me to develop discipline and integrity in my character. Tai Chi trains the body, mind and spirit to work in harmony and when all these elements are aligned, the power is incredible. I wouldn't say I'm there yet, in Tai Chi you never reach the destination, there is always something else to learn, but my focus is much improved, I feel I have gained wisdom about what is most important to me in my life and how to draw that to myself.



For me it is the spiritual development which takes place in Tai Chi that is the most beautiful. It is perhaps the least written about because it is so difficult to put into words. I know how I have changed myself and see also how my students change as they come to lessons. Many have reported that they are less concerned about things that used to annoy or worry them. They stop attracting uncomfortable situations to themselves, they no longer become angry when someone tries to push their buttons, they feel more compassion and comradeship with the people around them.  I see their faces change, becoming softer and laughing more as well as their bodies becoming healthier and more flexible. Many change their job or start out on a new road, they discover what is really important to them in their lives and feel confident enough to strike out and get it. It really is a joy to experience.
I never thought that I would have the confidence to get up in front of a room of people and teach but now it seems like the easiest and most enjoyable thing to do. I am deeply thankful to my Sifu and all the instructors and students at the Academy for the positive effect that their teachings have had on my life.


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