Chueng Kuen (Fast Form)

Advanced Old Yang Style Form


Within the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, not many experienced Yang Style practitioners are aware of the existence of this form. The original Yang Family Cheung Kuen (commonly referred to as the Fast Form) has been a guarded secret within the Yang family for years. This original form is very different from all the different versions of the Yang style of fast form practiced in other schools today. When a skilled practitioner demonstrates Chueng Kuen, you will be memorised by the performance and be struck by the awesome power and flow of the movements. You can see that the air suddenly become denser and the presence of the practitioner practising the form. This is a breath-taking experience.The original Chueng Kuen is dynamic and very different from the normal Tai Chi Chuan form. It is an advanced form emphasising on the martial aspect of the art. In the past only the dedicated few who are committed and have satisfied the master to have achieve the required standard, will be taught his form. Practitioners today wishing to learn this form must initially have a strong core foundation and good understanding of the traditional Long form. Without it, you are only just learning another choreograph movements and will not be able to tap into the essence of the true awesome power of Cheung Kuen. All the principles and concepts as practiced in the Traditional Yang Style Long Form are still the same and applied in Cheung Kuen. Different sections of the movements in Chueng Kuen are carried out at a slow or fast momentum in a smooth flow without any breaks, depending on your mood.

    The upper and lower body are co-ordinated when executing these movements with the presence of Yi (or intend). This form not only consolidate and concentrate the Chi, it also expresses the power of Chi through different parts of the body e.g. hands, arms, elbows, legs, knees etc in the various postures. The sequence of the form is short, compact and practiced in a much lower stance than the normal Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form including sudden quick powerful and springing movements. Imaging the calm sea suddenly disrupted by a gust of strong wind. This creates the waves which smash into the rock cliff and splashing the sea water up into the air.

    After learning the sequence, you will need continual refinement and polish to each postures under the guidance of your master. Only through this close mentoring will you be able to reach the stage that will enable you to unlock and tap onto the awesome power of Cheung Kuen. The journey may be long but rewarding indeed when you achieve it.


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