Beginning Tai Chi Chuan
If you have not done Tai Chi Chuan before, the experience you face will probably be new and initially quite alien. However, in time you will become more familiar with the Tai Chi way of moving as will you become accustomed to the effects of Chi flowing within the body. It is also helpful to always remember to approach Tai Chi in a relaxed way, and let your interest and involvement develop at its own natural pace. Try not to learn any new postures until you are fully confident with those that you have learnt previously. Work at your own rate and bear in mind that not everything has to be learnt in the first session – quality is always better than quantity.

Who can attend the classes?
Anyone of good character and attitude can come to the classes. Health problems can normally be worked around and must always be declared to the instructor before you start training. Children under the age of 16 must train with a parent or guardian.
What should I wear to a class?
Anything loose and comfortable
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