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Finding The Right Teacher and Class for you

The benefits of Tai Chi are available to all, and whilst the higher levels of training remain open only to those who are fully committed, teachers will welcome anyone who has a genuine interest in the art. There are classes in all parts of the country, in leisure centres, adult education, church halls, or even full time Tai Chi schools. However, not all Tai Chi classes are the same.


They can vary considerably, depending upon the knowledge and experience of the instructor, who the instructor was taught by, the emphasis of the class, the size of the class, and so on. With so many factors to consider, choosing a Tai Chi class that is right for you is a decision that should be carefully thought out. To help you, here are some of the main points you should bear in mind.


Know yourself and

know Tai Chi

People practise Tai Chi for different reasons, and there are 

a multitude of classes to cater for these different needs. Finding out as much you can about the art, and then deciding what you want from it, can save time, and make the choice of a class that much easier.
Different Tai Chi styles
There are three main styles of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan:- Chen, Yang and Wu. These names relate to the original family names of the founding masters, and are seen as being separate and distinct styles, which can make the beginner’s choice difficult. However, they all have the same origin, and their general principles should remain the same regardless of the style. These principles should focus on a holistic perspective, i.e. mind, body and spirit, that encompasses the:
• Centralisation of Chi – achieved through various Chi Kung systems
• Circulation of Chi – through correct practising of the Tai Chi Chuan form
• Application of Chi – by using the Chi for health, self-healing, healing others and self-defence.


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