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A method of health improvement to an amazing martial art

Here are some feedbacks from students of Master Ding Academy

Initially I was more interested by the Chi meditation aspect of Tai Chi and learning to relax. I had very little idea about the Tai Chi principles and how these were applied in a martial arts context. Now I know more, I am still not too sure what to expect as there's an amazing amount of depth to Tai Chi. In addition, my mind is a lot calmer, and my body is more relaxed. As a result my outlook to life is also more relaxed and I'm much more content and happier than I was.
Stuart (Profession: Regulatory Affairs publisher / 6 years Tai Chi)

Didn't really have any expectations, because I didn't know what to expect. Although at my first school I found Tai Chi to be great fun and good for fitness it was lacking the essence of Tai Chi. Only when I found Sifu Ding did I get a glimpse of what Tai Chi really is about.
Marica (Profession: Hair Stylist / 8 years Tai Chi (the last 5 with Master Ding)

I met Sifu over 11 years ago.  He transformed my view of Tai Chi from, solely, a method of health improvement to an amazing martial art that worked through relaxation rather than physical strength and size.  He showed me that less means more in Tai Chi which gave me my

beginning to the journey for internal power - the effortless power that can overcome external strength and speed.  
Derek (Profession: NHS Biochemist (retired) / 15 year Tai Chi)
I practiced karate from the age of 11 and the progression from an external to internal martial art was a natural one as I reached my twenties. As a woman, no matter how hard I trained, I had often felt that I would not always be able to produce the speed, agility and strength required to be an effective practitioner in an external art against someone who was much bigger, quicker and stronger than me. Once I got a glimpse of the power Tai Chi could achieve without relying on physical strength I knew this was the direction I wanted my journey to take. As well as learning an incredibly potent and effective form of self-defence my physical and emotional wellbeing have significantly improved - I leave each lesson feeling happy and energised, even after a particularly tiring or stressful day.
Gemma (Profession: Direct Marketing and Fundraising / 7 years Tai Chi)

Tai Chi has helped me in many ways. Physically less back trouble. Mentally, a more grounded and practical approach.  Spiritually, better able to maintain work/family/training balance and understand my
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