Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Curriculum


Master John Ding and his son, Master Alan Ding, are present-day links in an unbroken chain of masters of authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan that goes back generations.

The syllabus divides the skills of the art into layers designed to guide students through every aspect.

In this way, students are encouraged to build a sound understanding of  Tai Chi Chuan from the start of their training in friendly, supportive classes and events. Listed here are some aspects of Master Ding Academy training syllabus.

Syllabus details

As a general guide, the following aspects of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan syllabus are taught to different levels:


Beginners I & II

Chi Kung 

  • John Ding Yeung San Hey Kung I
  • Daoist Core Exercises


  • John Ding Simplified Yang Style Form followed by traditional Yang Style Long Form
  • Posture testing and general body alignment


  • Basic understanding of traditional Tai Chi Chuan concepts and principles
  • Basic Tai Chi Self-Defence Applications
  • Settling Breathing Exercises

Intermediate Levels     

Chi Kung

  • John Ding Yeung San Hey Kung I & II - Deeper understanding of its emphasis on body alignment, centring and corrections
  • Daoist Core Exercises - Deeper understanding of their emphasis


Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Long Form (Crane)

  • general corrections
  • Yin Yang Concept
  • Spiral Concept

Tui Sau (Push Hands)

  • Single / Double / Small Circle Push Hands
  • Sensitivity training
  • Dynamic Tui Sau (optional)
  • Wud Bu – Dynamic wave actions
  • Ta Lu and Ta Lu form

Intermediate Tai Chi Self-Defence Applications


  • Understanding Yang Cheng Fu’s 10 Essential Points of Tai Chi Chuan
  • Intermediate Tai Chi Chuan Principles and Concepts

Advanced Levels

Chi Kung

  • I / II / III - Lower posture and corrections
  • Advanced Chi Kung Form

Kuen (Form)

  • Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Tiger)
  • Cheung Kuen Se Ying (Long Fist Snake Form)
  • Cheung Kuen (Fast Form)

Weapons and Applications

  • Dao (Broadsword)
  • Jian(Sword)
  • Long Staff
  • Thirteen Spear Sequences

Tai Chi Self-defence Applications


  • Advanced Tui Sau (Push Hands) Corrections and Applications
  • Advance Ta Lu - Corrections and Applications
  • Dynamic Tui Sau  
  • Treading Pearls Sequence
  • Kua Training – Tai Chi circles
  • Advanced Tai Chi Chuan Principles and Concepts
  • Advanced Tai Chi Self-Defence Applications

For more advanced level:

Ongoing deeper focus and refinement of the 3 pillars of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan so as to concentrate and project Chi further

  • Centralising Chi
  • Circulating Chi
  • Applied Chi