Settling Breathing Exercise

Quieting Mind And Settling Chi

This Settling Breathing Exercise routine is usually carried out towards the end of any Tai Chi training session. The primary aim of this exercise is to re-establish the harmony of the mind, body and spirit by centring our mind and settling the Chi energy at our centre, i.e. Tan Tien point, through the final standing meditative posture.

Thus while other parts of the session serve to cultivate, circulate and strengthen the Chi, it is through stillness and the quieting of the mind, body and spirit that we end each session.


As with Tai Chi Chuan, the settling breathing exercise sequence also promotes the:

  • Circulation of Chi in our body by opening and unblocking the chi meridians
  • Quietening of the mind and settling of Chi at Tan Tien point
  • Gentle stretching and toning of the muscles
  • Relaxation of the mind and body
  • Developing natural and deep breathing
  • Maintenance of good balance


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