What can Tradtional Tai Chi Chuan do for me?

Harmony And Balance



Tai Chi Chuan is renowned as a stress-buster: a way to harmonise mind, body and spirit, rebuild mental and physical strength and learn a strong, calm approach to life.
Numerous medical studies show that even moderate amounts of Tai Chi practice can reduce blood pressure, increase bone density, increase strength and range of motion in joints, improve immune function, alleviate muscle/joint disorders, aid recovery from injury and lighten mood.
At more advanced levels, the training can be vigorous and, should you wish, martial.
As it is a practical tool for investigating how Chi works, practitioners of disciplines such as yoga, shiatsu, reflexology, acupuncture and reiki who seek a deeper understanding of their own arts choose to practise Tai Chi. For similar reasons, many external martial artists also choose to study with Master Ding Academy.