Tony Bellis

Tony Bellis

I started my tai chi training with Master Ding's Academy  in 2004.  I quickly realised the heath benefits that regular tai chi and qi gong practice brings both physically and mentally. 

In 2008 I undertook a degree course in Acupuncture as a mature student. I soon came to realise that traditional Chinese medicine embraced the practice of tai chi and qi gong as one of the pillars in its approach to wellbeing, specifically in the area of prevention. I qualified as an acupuncturist in 2012 and continued with my regular tai chi practice with Master Ding's Academy. 

In 2017 my wife and I relocated to the Isle of Wight. I had already achieved an Instructors qualification  with Master Ding and I decided to setup Tai chi classes in my newly adopted home with the intention of spreading the health benefits amongst a group of predominantly  retired people. I now run 4 x 1 hour classes from the beautiful and tranquil Botanic Gardens and my classes cater for students of differing abilities and needs.

I am committed  to continuing  my personal development  through Master Ding's  Academy.