Bonn Masterclass Seminar

Niebull Workshop

Turnhalle Ernst Moritz Arndt Gymnasium

Turnhalle Ernst Moritz Arndt Gymnasium, Endenicher Allee 1 . 53115 Bonn


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Meister Seminar / Master Class
Yang Stil Tai Chi Chuan
mit Sifu John Ding, 6. Generation

Venue: Turnhalle Ernst Moritz Arndt Gymnasium, Endenicher Allee 1 . 53115 Bonn

Date:  27. + 28. August 2022

Samstag 10:00 - 12:30 und 13:30-16:00
Tai Chi Prinzipien und Konzepte

All Tai Chi movements, whatever the style, are based on the
principles and concepts – otherwise they are empty
choreography. Only by understanding and incorporating the
principles and concepts into daily practice will you be able to
harness Chi and use it for health, healing or self-defence.

Sonntag 9.30 - 15.30
Tai Chi Push Hands

Push Hands is a form of exercise practised in pairs to increase
sensitivity, – crucial in dealing with an attack. It enables you to
develop Teng Jing (knowing how to interpret energy) and then
allows you to divert force with Fa Jing (projecting energy) or
dissipate it with Far Jing (neutralising energy). There is a Chinese
"Knowing oneself and also one’s opponent will make
one hundred times victorious in a hundred battles”.


Tai Chi Anwendung

Tai Chi Chuan is widely regarded only as a gentle health
exercise. This is a mistaken view as each Tai Chi posture has a
logical practical self-defence application. If a posture cannot be
used, the move is clearly incorrect. At a high level, Tai Chi Chuan
movements simultaneously achieve the paradox or effortlessness
and tremendous power. The subtlety of such skill cannot be
adequately described – only felt


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