Weapon Course : Dao or Jian


Master Ding Academy London HQ - Limehouse

Limehouse Basin, Block B5,

5 Branch Road, Limehouse,

London E14 7JU,

United Kingdom


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Event Description

Special Weapons Course
Dao(Broadsword) or Jian (Sword) Form and Applications
(Intensive 4 days workshop)
Another golden opportunity for Tai Chi practitioners :
- to learn either the complete Dao (Sabre) or Jian (Sword) form at this  4 days intensive course
- to refine either the Dao (Sabre) or Jian (Sword) form through form corrections and applications
- any experienced Tai Chi practitioner who have practiced the Long Form for a few years
- Practitioners who have learnt the weapon form who need further refinement
- MDA instructors assessment for those wishing to teach Dao/Jian
Places are limited. 

You are advised to book early

Event Contact Details

Master Ding Academy HQ London 
e: info@masterdingacademy.com

Event Payment Details

Event Payment Details

Early bird discount if you paid online by 31/12/22

Members: £550      Others: £650

After the dateline, the course fee would be :

Members: £600      Others: £700

Do contact us if you do not have our bank details to make the payment