Applied Chi : Open Internal Kung Fu Applications


Master Ding Academy London HQ - Limehouse

Limehouse Basin, Block B5,

5 Branch Road, Limehouse,

London E14 7JU,

United Kingdom


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Applied Chi : Open Internal Kung Fu Applications 

Intensive 2 day workshop focusing on the martial application of internal energy, CHI.

- You will be looking at internal martial arts concepts through applied martial applications with lots of practical Gau Sau (Exchange Hands)

- This course is packed with different aspects of training which will undoubtedly provide you with deeper understanding and the opportunity to experience the power of internal Kung Fu in martial applications.

- A chance not to be missed by anyone seeking to further their understanding and improve their skills in internal Kung Fu.



Open to all levels of Tai Chi styles and external martial arts practitioners


An opportunity not to be missed!

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Contact: MDA HQ



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Early bird discount if paid online by 4/2/23

Members: £200     Others: £250

After dateline:

Members: £250     Others: £300


Note: Do contact us if you do not have our bank details to make the payment