Weapon Course : Dao or Jian

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For the first time in Italy - Weapons Course Dao (Broadsword) or Jian (Sword) Complete Form and Applications held by 6th Generation Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Master John Ding.

Master Ding have a vast theoretical and practical mastery of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and is among the few teachers active in the West capable of teaching the application of internal energy, Chi even as applied to weapons.This will be a unique opportunity to study and learn the complete forms for the Dao (Sabre) or the Jian (Sword) over this 4-day Intensive Worksop for all practitioners of traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan. 

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MDA Florence :

Cedric Randolph 

t: + 39 340 655 0764

e:  randolph.cedric@gmail.com or www.mdafirenze-taichi.com




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