Importance of Tai Chi Chuan Principles

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Importance of Tai Chi Chuan Principles

- improve your undertsanding and level of Tai Chi Chuan

A chance not to be missed by any styles of Tai Chi Chuan practitioners - Beginners to Advanced, seeking to further their understanding and improve their skills of traditional Tai Chi Chuan.

At the end of the master class, you will have gained a clearer insight of different aspects of traditional Tai Chi Chuan and its training methods.

You will also learn how to apply and integrate the concepts and principles of Chi Kung and traditional Tai Chi Chuan form so these become "alive". dynamic and most important functional. Its not just movements and exercises. 

The key to improve and achieve high level of proficiency in traditional Tai Chi Chuan.

There will be hands-on tuition and plenty opportunity to ask questions. You will have lots of opportunity to Gau Sau (Exchange Hands) with the Master and participants of different levels of Tai Chi Chuan.

This Open Masterclass is suitable for all styles and levels of Tai Chi practitioners inclusing "external" martial art practitioners interested in "internal" martial arts.

Do not miss the chance to training with

Master John Ding,

6th Generation Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan



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MDA Instructor : Angelo Nembrini

t: +39 348 298 8690 



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Master Class Course Fee :

1 Day            150 Euro

2 Days          250 Euro

You can book online from this website:


For further details, contact : Angelo