Special Course : Cheung Kuen Se Ying (Long Fist Snake Form)
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Special Master Class:

Cheung Kuen Se Ying  (Long Fist Snake Form) 4 days intensive course


Grandmaster Ip’s Cheung Kuen Se Ying conducted by Master Ding.

- A dynamic, compact and power developing advanced form

- A rare opportunity not to be missed!

Master Ding believes the key to achieve excellence in traditional Tai Chi Chuan is through experiential training or Gau Sau. Gau Sau (exchange of hands) will enable all participants to experience Chuen Kuen Se Ying ( a small circle frame form) as practiced and applied by masters, to help you gain deeper insight and understanding of this ancient Chinese arts.

Places are limited.

You are advised to book early 



- Open to all styles of Tai Chi and other martial arts practitioners who wish to learnt this advanced special form

-  Practitioners that have previously learnt the Snake form, needing further refinement of the form and its applications


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Master Ding Academy HQ  e:info@masterdingacademy.com


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Early bird discount if paid by 30/7/24

Members: £550      Non-members: £650

After dateline:

Members: £650      Non-members: £750

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